our strategy

Salida Energy will continue pursuing growth and creating sustainable long-term shareholders' value through the following pillars:

  • ​Select and implement the best capital and investment opportunities;
  • Preserve a solid capital structure;
  • Pursue capital and operating efficiency;
  • Manage risks;
  • Leverage research and innovation;
  • Apply the highest ethical principles of business conduct;
  • Promote the sustainability of the business model.
  • Acquire 30-40% of production growth through strategic acquisitions
  • ​Pre-existing defined resource base
  • Repeatability is key to scale
  • Drive down operating cost to maximize operating margins
  • Deploy initial capital to neglected acquired assets - improve capital efficiencies
  • Sounds economics and risk assessments will govern the deployment of capital
  • Capital Deployment Strategy: 70% Development, 20% Stepout/fringe Drilling and 10% Exploration
  • ​Expand land holdings in emerging plays through sounds geology and geotechnical work

business strategies and targets

Exploitation - Drill and deliver

  • ​Mature portfolio to drill ready status and accelerate the drilling program
  • ​70% Infill Development, 20% step out and 10% Exploration
  • Return transformational shareholder value by the early monetization of projects and discoveries

De-Risk - Partnering

  • ​Apply appropriate risk reduction technologies
  • Leverage partnering at investment phase
  • ​Position the portfolio as a Fast Follower
  • Maintain portfolio diversity and management
  • ​Maintain capital discipline

Acquire proved and producing assets from distressed sellers and exploit historically stalled opportunities
  • There exists a unique opportunity to acquire over levered producing corporations and/or assets from debt lenders
  • ​Access opportunities in new and emerging plays within the acquisition or in new emerging plays
  • Take operated positions in the early phase to maintain control
  • Lever exploration expertise and industry relationships

our Growth strategy

1. Aquire low-risk PROVED & producing assets FROM DISTRESSED SELLERS and EXPLOIT HISTORICALLY STALLED Opportunities

2. De-Risk - Partnering​

3. Exploitation - Drill and delivery