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Salida Energy is a Calgary based private Oil & Gas company which was created with the sole intention of acquiring a blend of proved proven producing assets with future exposure to a large inventory of development and exploration targets. Given the state of our depressed Oil & Gas market there exists opportunities to acquire low risk proved, developed and producing assets at historical low valuations. Leveraging our teams 130+ years in the Oil & Gas industry our goal is to balance exploration opportunities paralleled with low risk acquisitions to generate the best return for our shareholders.​​

Corporations may be mispriced for a variety of reasons – low investor interest, excessive negative sentiment towards the sector, or the incorrect differentiation between transitory vs. terminal headwinds facing the company.  One of the key focal point for Salida is to understand why a company's valuation is lagging, but more importantly – is there an underlying inflection point in their business that will enable an acquisition to be revalued upwards with deploying new capital and a proven operational team? 

The Salida team is focused on understanding where value is eroding and if the assets are salvageable.  This bottom-up approach will often result in superior investment returns that surpasses any underlying index. 

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