• Successfully applying this policy and achieving continuous improvement in all of our business processes, in compliance with strategic goals and objectives.
  • Complying with and striving to exceed, all applicable legislation, rules and standards.
  • Identify, evaluate and control the risks and impacts associated with our business activities.
  • Respond to employee and community concerns regarding the impact of our operations on the environment.
  • Reduce our power and water usage and wastage by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • Prevent pollution through the proper planning, operation, supervision and maintenance of our activities and assets.
  • Assisting our suppliers to reduce their environmental impact on our operations.
  • Ensuring that adequate emergency and oil spill response plans are in place for all our activities.
  • Ensuring that waste is minimised and that waste disposal is achieved responsibly by actively promoting the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra internally and amongst our partners and suppliers. 
  • Conducting our operations in a sustainable fashion as far as possible.

To assist us undertaking these aspirations, we have implemented Management Systems which describe how we operate.  The Board of Directors, all employees and contractors are committed to these policies and their application.  The management team will ensure that all employees and contractors are familiar with and competent to apply this Health, Safety and Environmental Policy.

our health,environmental and safety policy