Where is Salida's Head Office?

Salida Energy head office is located in Calgary, Alberta
Suite 1602, 188 15th Ave SW

Calgary, AB, T2R 1S4

Office (403) 585-9875

Fax (403) 775-4038

How are Salida shares traded?

Salida Energy is currently a private company and our shares do not trade on any public markets currently.

Whom should I contract regarding investor questions?

Please contact either Cameron MacDonald, CEO or Neil Burrows, VP Finance & CFO or click here to contact us.

What are the areas that Salida operates in?
Salida Energy is an independent oil and natural gas company engaged in the acquisition, development and production of conventional oil and liquids-rich natural gas properties located in the Alberta.

How do I contact Salida with property and/or community-related matters?

Salida Energy values our local communities, and we are doing our part to minimize the impact of our operations.  If you are experiencing any difficulties, please feel free to call our  Hotline at 403 585-9875 to share your concerns.


AECO: physical storage and trading hub for natural gas on the TransCanada Alberta transmission system which is the delivery point for various benchmark Alberta index prices
bcf: billion cubic feet
bbl or bbls: barrels or barrels
bbl/d: barrels per day
boe/d: barrels of oil equivalent
boe: barrels of oil equivalent per day
Btu: British thermal units
Btu/scf: British thermal units per standard cubic foot Canadian dollars
CAGR: compound annual growth rate
C2: ethane
C3: propane
C4: butane
C5+: pentanes plus
D&C: drilling and completion
EUR: estimated ultimate recovery
ft: feet
FX: foreign exchange rate
GJ: gigajoules
HH: Henry Hub
Hz: horizontal
IP 30: initial production for the first 30 days
IP 60: initial production for the first 90 days
IP 180: initial production for the first 180 days
IP 270: initial production for the first 270 days
IP 365: Initial production for the first 365 days 
km: kilometres

kpa: Kilopascals
m: metres
MMbbl: thousand barrels
Mboe: thousands of barrels of oil equivalent
Mcf: thousand cubic feet
Mcf/d: thousand cubic feet per day
McfGE: thousand cubic feet of gas equivalent
MM: million
MMbbl: Millions of barrels
MMboe: million barrels of oil equivalent
MMboe/d: millions of barrels of oil equivalent per day
MMbtu: millions British thermal units
MMbtu/d: million British thermal units per day
MMcf: million cubic feet
MMcf/d: million cubic feet per day
OPEX: operating expense
Pros. Res: gross unrisked prospective resources (best estimate) 
PSI: pounds per square inch
USD or US$: United Stated dollars
WI: working interest
WTI: West Texas Intermediate
1P: gross total proved reserves
2P: gross total proved plus probable reserves
3P: gross unrisked contingent resources (best estimate) $MM or MM$: millions of dollars